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Season 1
Episode 1 - Curious George Flies a Kite Episode 2 - From Scratch Episode 3 - Curious George's Home for Pigeons Episode 4 - Out of Order Episode 5 - Zeroes to Donuts Episode 6 - Curious George, Stain Remover Episode 7 - Buoy Wonder Episode 8 - Roller Monkey Episode 9 - Curious George On Time Episode 10 - Curious George's Bunny Hunt Episode 11 - Curious George Takes a Job Episode 12 - Curious George Takes Another Job Episode 13 - Curious George, Door Monkey Episode 14 - Curious George Goes Up the River Episode 15 - Curious George And The Invisible Sound Episode 16 - Curious George, A Peeling Monkey Episode 17 - Curious George, Dog Counter Episode 18 - Squirrel For a Day Episode 19 - Curious George Discovers the Poles Episode 20 - Curious George Finds His Way Episode 21 - Water to Ducks Episode 22 - Animal Magnetism Episode 23 - Doctor Monkey Episode 24 - Curious George the Architect Episode 25 - Zoo Night Episode 26 - Charkie Escapes Episode 27 - Curious George's Rocket Ride Episode 28 - Curious George, Train Master Episode 29 - Curious George and the Dam Builders Episode 30 - Curious George's Low High Score Episode 31 - Curious George Sees Stars Episode 32 - Curious George Gets a Trophy Episode 33 - George Makes a Stand Episode 34 - Curious George Sees the Light Episode 35 - Candy Counter Episode 36 - Curious George, Rescue Monkey Episode 37 - The Truth About George Burgers Episode 38 - Curious George in the Dark Episode 39 - The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat Episode 40 - Bee Is for Bear Episode 41 - Surprise Quints Episode 42 - Muddy Monkey Episode 43 - Curious George Takes a Vacation Episode 44 - Curious George and the One That Got Away Episode 45 - Ski Monkey Episode 46 - George the Grocer Episode 47 - Keep Out Cows Episode 48 - Curious George and the Missing Piece Episode 49 - Camping with Hundley Episode 50 - Curious George vs. The Turbo Python 3000 Episode 51 - Housebound Episode 52 - Curious George Rides a Bike Episode 53 - The All-Animal Recycled Band Episode 54 - The Times of Sand Episode 55 - The Elephant Upstairs Episode 56 - Being Hundley Episode 57 - George Fixes Betsy's Wagon Episode 58 - Curious George Takes a Dive Episode 59 - Unbalanced Episode 60 - Curious George vs. Winter
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Curious George

Curious George is an animated television series based on the Curious George children’s book series, which features Jeff Bennett as the voice of The Man with the Yellow Hat. Frank Welker, who voiced George in the 2006 feature film, returns here as the voice of Curious George. The show is currently broadcast on PBS Kids. The series illustrates and explains various concepts in math and science and each live-action segment shows schoolchildren engaging in experiments that teach the math or science concept featured in the previous cartoon.

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